Firstly we will chat via telephone or zoom (email if you prefer) so that I can find out all about the dog's character and you/your family or the recipient if it is to be a gift. I will then sit at my piano and pen both music and lyrics, completely personal to you and your dog. You will receive written lyrics, a recorded version (mp3) of the song with vocals and a version without so you can sing it yourself.
The music score is available as an added extra, as is a signed/framed version, copyright ownership, animated music video (mp4) and t-shirt. See 'The Package' for full details.
Do you do songs for cats or people?
Yeah why not
How long do I need to allow if it is for a gift?
At least 3 weeks please
Do you ever reuse or recycle tunes?
No. Every single song is completely unique. Unless you wanted a song set to a certain favourite tune of course.
How much does a unique, bespoke song cost?
Please visit 'The Package' page
What if I don't like my song?
You will! And so will your dog! But I will allow one or two changes if absolutely necessary.
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