Rachael, Charlie and Olive
"Oh Mel!!! Bravo!! This is absolutely fantastic! So many people have referenced Liam Neeson to us - we also think it’s hilarious! It’s such a catchy little number - my parents have got it stuck in their head they said! So so good! 

"Olive" by Mel Elliott

Tracey and Miss Babs
“Oh my god, I love it so much. It is the best thing I’ve ever heard, I want it to go to number one. It is absolutely f**king brilliant! I love it I love it I love it love it love it. You're so clever. It's the best thing ever. Honestly it's the best present I've ever had ever.”
Tracey Davies - travel writer

"Miss Babs" by Mel Elliott

Sophie, her daughter and Chips the cockerpoo
"Mel! We are practically crying! This is unbelievable! My daughter and I finally had a chance to listen together. I don't know what to say! We keep looking at the dog and singing Chips, oh Chips, we said we'd get a dog when we were off our tits"
Sophie Heawood - writer

"Chips" by Mel Elliott

Vicki and Ted the cockerpoo
"Ted's song was just the pick me up we needed during lockdown and Ted and I will while away the nights singing along to the karaoke version. The lyrics are hilarious! And while Ted is a little insulted, I've told him it's just because his name rhymes with 'dickhead' (and also that he shouldn't steal food from homeless people). This really is a unique thing to celebrate my gorgeous dog"​​​​​​​
Vicki Taylor - artist

"Ted" by Mel Elliott

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